The second season of The Odd Couple premiered on April 7, 2016 and ended on May 23, 2016, with consist of 13 episodes.

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  • On May 11, 2015, CBS renewed for a second season (along with The Big Bang Theory).
  • Aired on Thursday, April 7 at 8:30pm/7:30c and moved to Monday, May 2 at 9:30/8:30c
  • On CBS and CBS All Access.
  • The season will consist of 13 episodes.

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No. in series No. in season Image Title Air date Director Writer
13 1 S2-E01 All About Eavesdropping April 7, 2016 Phill Lewis Emily Cutler
Oscar and Felix eavesdrop on the couple living upstairs who constantly argue about their marriage troubles, and both men seek to advise the couple without revealing their eavesdropping. Meanwhile, Dani and Emily challenge themselves to do a race to the top of the Empire State Building.
14 2 S2-E02 Unger the Influence April 14, 2016 Phill Lewis Dan O'Shannon
With the help of Murph, Oscar decides to throw a big party when Felix finally agrees to spend the weekend sleeping over in Emily's apartment. Although Murph is game, neither Oscar nor Dani can party like they did in their younger days. Also, Felix and Emily discover they are incompatible when it comes to actually sleeping in the same bed.
15 3 S2-E03 From Here to Maturity April 21, 2016 Mark Cendrowski Tucker Cawley
To Felix's dismay, Oscar begins dating a much younger nanny named Allison whom he met in the building. Later, Oscar meets Allison's client, his upstairs neighbor Charlotte who makes fun of him for dating a girl so much younger than he. Felix then convinces Oscar to break up with Allison and ask out Charlotte instead, but it backfires. Meanwhile, Emily is growing tired of always doing what Felix wants, so she asks for Dani's help in putting her foot down and insisting that Felix do something she likes.
16 4 S2-E04 Madison & Son April 28, 2016 Mark Cendrowski Bob Daily
When Oscar is invited to throw the ceremonial first pitch at a Mets game, Felix surprises him by inviting Oscar's estranged father, Walter to attend the game.
17 5 S2-E05 Oscar's Overture May 2, 2016 Beth McCarthy-Miller Joe Port & Joe Wiseman
Oscar tries to impress Charlotte by purchasing a table at The New York Philharmonic fundraiser and asks Felix for his help. Meanwhile, Dani meets Teddy's wife, Diane and celebrates her third anniversary working with Oscar.
18 6 S2-E06 An Oscar Named Desire May 5, 2016 Katy Garretson Emily Cutler, Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan
Oscar seeks help from Felix about Charlotte, as he wants them to become intimate. Felix suggests they take things slow, much to Oscar's dismay. Charlotte also seeks advice from Dani about having sex for the first time since her divorce. Meanwhile, Felix tries to overcome his fear of dogs when he is forced to watch Emily's dog, Biscuit.
19 7 S2-E07 Make Room for Dani May 9, 2016 Phill Lewis Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan
Teddy suggests that including Dani in Oscar's radio show might help Oscar outrank his main rival. Oscar reluctantly agrees, but becomes annoyed when Dani overshadows him. Meanwhile, Emily's mother refuses to meet Felix after he accidentally exposes himself while she and Emily are Skyping.
20 8 S2-E08 A Dinner Engagement May 12, 2016 Victor Gonzalez Ryan Raddatz
It is Emily's birthday, but she does not want to celebrate it because she claims that her birthday has been cursed. Much to her dismay, Felix throws a party for her anyway. Felix later sends out signals that he might propose. Meanwhile, Oscar meets Charlotte's son. Later, Oscar and Charlotte agree to "press pause" on their relationship for the sake of the child.
21 9 S2-E09 Chess Nuts May 16, 2016 Katy Garretson Michael J.S. Murphy & Frank O. Wolff
The apartment's doorman spills the beans that Oscar's ex-wife is still on the apartment lease, leading to the rescinding of their rent control and Oscar owing more than $10,000 in back rent. Later on, Oscar discovers that Felix used to play chess competitively, so he asks Felix to win his back rent for him.
22 10 S2-E10 Odd Man Out May 19, 2016 Mark Cendrowski Tony Dodds
Felix forces Emily and Oscar to spend more time together so they can become better friends, but Felix then becomes jealous when he finds out they have more in common than he realized. Meanwhile, Dani's air time on Oscar's show nets her the opportunity to do a commercial voice-over, so Teddy helps her with her first contract negotiation.
23 11 S2-E11 Road Scholar May 19, 2016 Andy Fickman Stephanie Furman Darrow
Felix decides to get his learner's permit to drive. He then asks everyone but Oscar to help him learn because he thinks that Oscar is a bad driver.
24 12 S2-E12 All the Residents' Men May 23, 2016 Jeff Greenstein Stephanie Furman Darrow & Tony Dodds
Felix and Oscar run a heated campaign for President of their building's tenants association, but Oscar doesn't fully realize everything the position entails.
25 13 S2-E13 The Ex-Factor


May 23, 2016 Jeff Greenstein Bob Daily & Ryan Raddatz
Felix encourages Oscar to go on a blind date following his break up from Charlotte and Oscar accidentally gets set up with Felix's ex-wife, Ashley. Meanwhile, Emily considers taking a jewelry design internship in London which will keep her and Felix apart for three months.


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