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The Birthday Party
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date March 5, 2015
Written by Dan O'Shannon
Directed by Phill Lewis
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The Birthday Party is the 3rd episode of the first season and the third episode overall of The Odd Couple which was aired on March 5, 2015.


Eren Yeager (Jaeger in the anime adaptation) lives with Mikasa Ackerman and best friend Armin Arlert in the town of Shiganshina adjacent to Wall Maria, outermost of three circular walls protecting humanity from man-eating Titans said to have killed all other humans one hundred years prior. When Shiganshina and Wall Maria are breached by the Colossal (Colossus in the manga) and Armoured Titans, invading Titans force humanity to retreat behind Wall Rose. After a titan devours his mother and his father disappears, a vengeful Eren enlists in the military along with Mikasa and Armin.

Five years later, the three cadet graduates are positioned in Trost district adjacent to Wall Rose when the Colossal Titan breaches the city gate. During the subsequent Titan invasion, Eren is eaten but survives after creating and controlling a Titan's body. Previously unaware of his abilities, Eren suspects his father's basement holds answers. Although Eren seals Trost's breach using his Titan power, many consider him a potential threat and a military tribunal assigns him to the Survey Corps under Captain Levi's watch, with many of Eren's friends following suit.

During an expedition to Shiganshina, a Female Titan unsuccessfully attempts to capture Eren. Despite the expedition's failure, Armin deduces the Female Titan's identity as a fellow cadet from their class named Annie Leonhart with abilities akin to Eren's. Annie encases herself in crystal following her capture in Stohess, collateral damage revealing the walls are formed from massive Titans within them. Following the mysterious appearance of the Beast Titan behind Wall Rose, Eren is kidnapped by his fellow cadets Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover, exposed as the Titans who compromised Wall Maria. They and Annie were dispatched by an unknown party to capture the "Coordinate", an ability to control titans which they suspect Eren possesses. Eren manifests this power during an encounter with the titan who killed his mother, allowing him and the pursuing Survey Corps to escape. The Corps theorize that Titans were originally humans, and may regain their human form by consuming an individual with Titan power, acquiring those abilities for themselves.

Persecuted by the military police, the Survey Corps discover the royal government seats a figurehead king and suppresses technological advancement. Eren's comrade Historia Reiss learns she is the illegitimate child of the walls' true ruler Rod Reiss, who has her and Eren kidnapped. Rod reveals his ancestor created the walls using the power of the Founding Titan, intending to confine humanity and erasing their memories. The Reiss family passed down the King's power and will until Eren's father Grisha stole the power of the Founding Titan during Wall Maria's fall, and passed its power to Eren by turning him into a Titan via an injection and allowing himself to be devoured. Rod intends for Historia to become a Titan and eat Eren to reclaim the Reiss family's power, but Historia refuses and aids the Survey Corps' rescue of Eren and rebellion against the monarchy. Following Rod's defeat, the military assumes power and crowns Historia queen. Although Eren's lack of royal ancestry inhibits the Founding Titan's power, he obtains an ability to create permanent structures, which the Survey Corps use in their next expedition to seal the breach in Wall Maria. However, the group are ambushed by Reiner, Bertolt and their superior Zeke, the Beast Titan. The Survey Corps subdue Bertolt and drive off the other enemy Titans, but most of the expedition members are killed during the battle, with Armin and Commander Erwin Smith left mortally wounded. Levi, armed with a single injection taken from Rod, decides to save Armin over Erwin. Armin becomes a Titan, devours Bertolt and acquires the Colossal Titan's powers.

Before returning home, the survivors recover Grisha's memoirs from the Yeagers' basement. His writings state that human civilization is actually thriving and the people of the walls are members of the Eldian race, whose common ancestor Ymir Fritz acquired the Power of the Titans, granting her progeny the unique potential to become Titans and inherit nine Titan powers. Ymir's descendants dominated world history for centuries until 100 years prior to the series' beginning, when the 145th Eldian King retreated to Paradis Island and established the three walls with the Founding Titan, threatening to retaliate with the titans comprising the walls should his peace be disturbed. The nation of Marley conquered and quarantined the remaining Eldians, passing the seven captured Titan Powers to indoctrinated Eldian "Warriors" for furthering Marley's national interests. Grisha conspired with other Eldian dissidents to acquire the Founding Titan before Marley and free their people but was outed by his son Zeke Yeager, Eren's half-brother and the future Beast Titan, and sentenced to life as a mindless Titan wandering Paradis. However, Grisha was saved by his movement's informant, who entrusted his Titan power and mission to Grisha and sent him to infiltrate the walls and recover the Founding Titan. Eren learns that despite his lack of royal ancestry, he may be able to use the Founding Titan's full "Coordinate" power through physical contact with a titan of royal blood.

Four years after the Battle of Shiganshina, a conflict between Marley and a combined offensive sees the emergence of conventional weapons capable of defeating Titans. Fearing the military obsolescence of Eldians will lead to their genocide, the Warriors work with the influential Tybur family, retainers of the War Hammer Titan, to recruit global support for a resumed offensive on Paradis. Eren, having infiltrated Marley on his own, assassinates Willy Tybur as he declares war on Paradis before international delegates. With the aid of the Survey Corps in the ensuing battle, Eren steals the War Hammer Titan's power and Zeke defects to Paradis. Eren and the Survey Corps return to Paradis with Zeke via airship, but Eren's friend Sasha is killed by Gabi Braun, Warrior candidate and Reiner's cousin who stowed away along with her friend Falco Grice.

Flashbacks depict the preceding four years on Paradis, during which Zeke's followers arrived and introduced Paradis to modern technology and the friendly nation of Hizuru. Through his emissary Yelena, Zeke proposed passing his Titan power to Historia, which would enable Eren to use the Founding Titan's full power to deter foreign invasion until Hizuru modernizes Paradis. Because users of Titan power die thirteen years after their acquisition, the proposition demanded that Historia produce heirs to ensure the availability of the Founding Titan's power. Eren disapproved of this arrangement and instead infiltrated Marley alone and without authorization, coercing the Survey Corps's assistance.

In the present, Eren is detained for insubordination and his friends express doubts about his loyalty to them and Paradis over Zeke, citing Eren's role in Sasha's death. It is revealed that Historia is pregnant, preventing the Corps from immediately passing the Beast Titan to her and forcing them to place Zeke under Levi's watch. Suspected of arranging Historia's pregnancy to prolong Zeke's life, Yelena and her followers are arrested. The military's leaders distrust Eren and plan to relinquish his power following the discovery of his secret correspondence with Zeke and Yelena, prompting nationalist rebels loyal to Eren to assassinate Dhalis Zachary. Eren and his Yeagerist followers escape and force the government's surrender after wine laced with Zeke's spinal fluid has been served to top military officials, enabling Zeke to transform them into titans under his command. Zeke uses this ability to escape from and incapacitate Levi.

Eren and the Yeagerists detain the military in Shiganshina, where they are ambushed by the Warriors and Marley's military. During the battle, Zeke turns the marked soldiers, consisting of the entire military high command - including Commanders Dot Pyxis and Nile Dok - as well as Falco into Titans, with the latter inheriting the Jaw Titan from the Warrior Porco Galliard. Despite Marley's efforts, Eren and Zeke make contact and meet in a transcendental space inhabited by Ymir Fritz. Zeke attempts to persuade Eren to sterilize the Eldian race as they had originally planned, but Eren revokes his allegiance with Zeke and uses the Founding Titan's power to free the wall Titans, intending to destroy all life outside of Paradis in order to protect it. Refusing to accept his plan, Eren's friends move to confront him, joining forces with Annie, who was also freed from her crystal encasement by Eren's power, and a few remaining soldiers from Marley. The Yeagerists and Eren's friends have a battle at a port in Paradis, where the once captured Hizuru leader escapes on a ship with the help of Reiner's Armored Titan and Annie's Female Titan, and make their way to a south Marleyan city to repair a flying boat. As the group repairs the flying boat, they are attacked by Floch, who attached himself to the ship. He damages the vessel before being slain by Mikasa. Hange sacrifices herself by attacking the oncoming wall titans, buying time for the group's departure.

While en route to Marley, the group discusses their next course of action. Armin considers using his Colossal Titan to destroy Eren's new Founding Titan as a last resort. Eren contacts the group telepathically and informs them that he will not negotiate. Dozens of airships attempt to halt Eren's attack, but are quickly destroyed when Eren uses the Warhammer Titan to control the Beast Titan. Immediately afterwards, Armin and the others arrive in the flying boat and engage Eren in a final battle.




  • Leslie Bibb as Casey
  • Judy Kain as Maureen
  • Jasmyn Rae as Erin
  • Dwight Howard as himself
  • Dave Foley as Roy
  • Jeremy Rabb as Jim
  • Charles Carpenter as Link
  • Rose Horan as Princess #2